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To Be... by Kevin Wright

Enjoy this stand-out entry from the January JBT essay contest.
Prompt: Why are Black male educators important?

To be a Black male educator

Is to be regarded as everything but

To be a Black male educator is to be




A unicorn

The justification for valuing diversity

The reason for you to boast about having a Black


An outlet for you to have the Black perspective

The opportunity for you to try out Black-centric


To be a Black male educator is to be seen as all of these,

but never seen as a Black male educator

To be a Black man in education Is to disrupt the lens that weaponizes our existence

To have the audacity to show Black kids that

Even through multiple attempts of erasure

Their existence is resilient

Their creativity is through the genius of their ancestors

Their rhythm is from the movements of sustaining our


Whether it was on a dance floor or on the steps of the

nation’s capitol

Their hair, a symbol of pride fit for any crown

Their skin, a target of jealousy, yet the very standard of


To be a Black man in education means

To teach complex concepts

While teaching Black students their existence is not an


To make sure the mind and the heart of rising Black scholars are protected And not easily manipulated by the oppressor

To know the classroom cannot dictate their worth

And to help create a world where their excellence is


And their Blackness is loved

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Born from a lineage of African, Creole, and Indigenous ancestry, Kevin was raised in the Historic Westside of Las Vegas, NV with Louisiana southern values with the love and labor of multiple Black womxn. Dr. Wright currently serves as a Racial Equity Consultant, where he is responsible for serving as a voice for the voiceless. Wright's commitment to racial justice, equity, and inclusion is guided by his approach to dismantling systems rooted in White supremacy while advocating for individuals with historically marginalized identities. After over a decade of ghostwriting, Kevin decided to claim his own voice and thoughts by sharing who he is through the gift of poetry. This would not be possible without the care, guidance, and mentorship of other poets and artists in the Las Vegas community.

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