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$500 Writing Contest Jan 2023: why black male educators (YBME)?


It's a new year, so it doesn't hurt to remind folks of the meaning and the purpose behind Just Black Stemming from the mind of one Black male educator, me Darius White, this community platform is one that invites critical, conscious, conscientious, and creative content creation regarding education primarily from a Black male point of view. It just makes sense to open 2023 with another opportunity for community members to contribute to the platform and advocate for more Black men in classrooms. Biased, I know; I can speak on this topic for the rest of my life (and I plan to), but I am here to amplify and celebrate different voices.

PROMPT: Why are Black male educators important?

Style: To address the prompt, your piece can take the form of a reflective short answer, a brief personal narrative, or a more poetic composition. Do not include real names of people and or organizations.

Length: Your piece cannot exceed 250 words. Please include your final word count at the bottom of the submission.

Evaluation Criteria: Written pieces will be judged based on style, quality, depth, nuance, and direct response to the prompt.

Age Requirements: Open to all ages. Parents/Guardians of writers under 18 years of age will be contacted if selected as winners.


One (1) winner will be awarded $500 and upon consent, featured on the platform.

Submission Guidelines: submit your piece for consideration at the very bottom of the page. ONLY ONE (1) SUBMISSION PER CONTESTANT.

  • Your submission must include the following:

    • First and Last Name

    • Title of the Piece

    • Word count at the end of the piece (not including the title)


January 29, 2023 (11:59pm PST)

Limitations of Liability: By participating in this writing competition, contestants agree to release from any and all liability, claims, or actions of any kind for injuries, damages, or losses to persons and property, which may have been in connection to your participation.


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