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Why We Need Black Male Educators by Karimah Taylor (Contest Winner)

Enjoy the winning entry from the January JBT essay contest.

Black men be breaking the barriers,

systematically placed,

For black students to face,

in an institution never

designed for them in the

first place.

Black men be interrupting the school to prison


Strategically, they redefine

The “system”,

Not allowing it to claim another victim.

Black men be the mold, shaping and shifting,

shifting and shaping,

The chains of education, they are breaking.

Black men be a reminder of the history they try so hard

to erase,

stories that need to be heard,

His voice, the power of his word.

Black man be a reflection,

of you of me,

A real sense of reality

Proof there is more you can be.

Black man be accountably, high standards he won’t dare

let you fail,

Sometimes tough as nails,

But the love will always be there.

Black men be the father figure

for those who father was a figure of their imagination.

They be imagination, painting pictures with no


Black men be the difference in gang and brotherhood,

Slanging or homework,

Peer pressure or worth.

Black men be a dap, a hand shake,

A hug after a long day.

They go the extra mile

To see you smile.

Black male educators are more than teachers,

They are lifelong role models

They produce some of the best scholars.

Studies show, with black male educators students really


They aren’t just what we want,

BUT what we need!!

So necessary.

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Karimah Taylor is a Site Coordinator for a non-profit called Communities in Schools. This non-profit focuses on supporting youth facing chronic absenteeism. In addition to being a social worker and spoken word artist, Karimah is a proud mother of a beautiful daughter, who brings her so much joy.

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